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Kairos Medical Aesthetics – Mission & Motivation

Owned and operated by Hilary, Registered Nurse, Kairos Medical Aesthetics is dedicated to helping St. John’s clients put their best faces forward. As a sole practitioner, Hilary has the opportunity to accommodate clients with flexible scheduling and makes herself available via text 24/7. Handling the entire client experience, Hilary is there to help you prepare for the appointment, provide a soothing experience during treatment, and is also available for follow-up care.

The Kairos Advantage 

In Ancient Greek, Kairos means ‘the right time’ and at Kairos Medical Aesthetics, clients are encouraged to pursue facial injections when it is the perfect timing for their individual situation.


By offering personalized treatments to clients, Kairos Medical Aesthetics is able to help clients boost morale, confidence, and overall self-esteem. Treatments given take into consideration age, lifestyle, and budget so that no matter what your circumstances, Kairos can assist you in looking your best.


Taking a hands-on approach to patient care, Hilary, sole practitioner at Kairos Medical Aesthetics, conducts the initial appointment, the consultation and education, as well as pre and post injection care. The clinic operates out of 206 LeMarchant Road, St. John’s. Medical director Dr. Paul Heneghan, Vascular Surgeon.

About Hilary

Graduating from St. Clare’s Mercy Hospital, Hilary paired her professional training with a passion for aesthetics and design, becoming a practising medical injector. She has enjoyed the opportunity to use this specialized skill to improve clients’ lives for over 8 years.


Hilary takes great pleasure in working directly with clients, assisting them in achieving their ideal physical appearance and improving confidence with every treatment. In essence, Kairos Medical Aesthetics is Hilary; she acts as a sole practitioner, putting her heart and soul into helping clients feel and look like their ideal selves. 


If you have any questions about Galderma injectables offered through Kairos Medical Aesthetics, contact Hilary today.


Highlight Your Best Features

Book your facial injection consultation with Hilary today!

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