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Kairos Medical Aesthetics in St. John’s – Get Rid of Wrinkles & Feel Your Best

Specializing in cosmetic facial injections, Kairos Medical Aesthetics helps St. John’s clients get rid of wrinkles and put their best face forward. Featuring a wide range of proven products, Hilary, sole practitioner, is able to revitalize your facial features and enhance your natural beauty. Facial injection treatments offer a wide range of benefits including:

  • Restoring volume which naturally lessens with age

  • Adding youthfulness to your appearance

  • Enhancing shape and facial definition

  • Smoothing and softening lines, wrinkles, and folds

  • Increasing fullness and definition of lips


Naturally, outcomes and the duration of a treatment’s effects vary based on the individual situation and results cannot be guaranteed. Effect success is subject to numerous factors such as:

  • Client age

  • Skin condition

  • Metabolic factors

Dysport Before And After

Appointments & Procedures

Kairos is Ancient Greek for ‘the right time’; so, when it's the perfect time for you to bring forth your inner beauty, I am here to support you every step of the way. With over 10 years of expertise, I have streamlined the procedure so that it is easier than ever to pursue facial injection treatments. The steps are simple and include:

  1.  Text me at 709-690-3477 for more information or to schedule an appointment: this gives you the chance to communicate your interest in looking your best and; after I receive your message, I will get back to you promptly with potential appointment times

  2.  Schedule your initial appointment: after I receive your message, we will set up the ideal time for your visit

  3.  Meet with me: at your appointment we will discuss your specific needs, get information about facial injections

  4.  Complete any necessary pre-injection care: I will walk you through any necessary steps to be prepared for your treatment

  5.  Receive your facial treatment: at your appointment, I will perform the injections and help you prepare for any necessary post-injection steps

  6.  Undergo post-injection care: these are any steps needed to help the treatment settle and ensure you see optimal results

  7.  Put your best face forward: once your treatment is complete, you will be able to feel and look your best, presenting to the world the face you want it to see


Whether you are looking to improve self-esteem and confidence or simply smooth out lines to enhance your natural beauty, I am here to assist.

To get in touch, please text me at 709-690-3477.

Put Your Best Face Forward

Get the ideal facial treatment to see the results you desire.

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