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Facial Injection Treatment Product Details

By using trusted and proven products, I deliver effective aesthetic results to my valued clientele. Facial injection treatments have a wide range of benefits, from physical impacts such as reduced wrinkles and increased facial definition, to the psychological and emotional wellbeing that comes from increased self-esteem. I am committed to using the best of modern scientific innovation to help clients achieve the results they desire.

Galderma Line of Injectables

In order to see the best possible results, it is important to use the best products; those with strong repute and a proven track record of success. Some of the products I use to help clients achieve their aesthetic vision are:

  • Dermal Fillers through Restylane

  • Refyne: this high-quality treatment fills facial folds and wrinkles of a moderate nature and can be used around the eyes, on the forehead, on the cheeks, and around the mouth

  • Defyne: with restorative properties, this product adds youthfulness to your appearance

  • Volyme: focused on adding volume to your facial structure, this tool actively fills deep-set lines

  • Kysse: often used for lips to add fullness, this helps define the vermillion border (lip line) and improves the appearance at the corners of your mouth

  • Restylane Lyft: most frequently used to raise cheeks and reduce the appearance of smile lines, this product can also be applied to limit the appearance of age on the backs of hands


Often, to optimize success, products will be used in conjunction with one another.


Wrinkle Reduction through Dysport

A type of botulinum injection, this is a popular treatment for wrinkle reduction with a proven track record of success. Used to prevent static lines from developing, this treatment also relaxes the appearance of preexisting static lines.


Everyone is unique, and all individuals react differently to facial injection treatments. Success varies based on many factors including age, skin condition; and, most importantly, finding the right product for your needs. Providing treatments to clients for 8 years, I am fluent in identifying the ideal product for each person. When you are ready to begin your aesthetic journey, contact me and together we will find the ideal route to achieve the success you seek.


Reduce Signs of Aging Through SkinCeuticals

Formulated to correct signs of aging, protect healthy skin and prevent future change. SkinCeuticals products provide scientifically proven skin improvement crafted in elegant formulations for customized skincare regimens.


Enhance Your Natural Look with Revive

Proven to make your natural lashes and brows prettier, fuller and thicker - enhance your natural look with Revive’s comprehensive range of products for lash, brow, hair and wellness!



Outcomes and longevity of treatments vary, depending on client’s age, skin condition, as well as metabolism. Results cannot be guaranteed.

Find Your Ideal Filler Treatment

Consult with Hilary to identify the best treatment to get the results you seek.

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